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Did you know that 80% of learning occurs through your child’s eyes?
That’s why we advise an eye exam in the first year of life.

Because we feel so strongly about this, our doctors participate in a program called InfantSee and perform a complimentary eye exam to infants 6 to 12 months old. This means we are able to detect potential issues that can lead to what is commonly referred to as lazy eye. If left untreated, lazy eye can lead to permanent loss of vision.

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Since children of any age have limited life experience, they may not know or be able to articulate that they don’t see well. It’s common for a parent to think everything is okay if a child passes an eye screening. Since a screening is not a detailed examination, it’s very important to have your child examined by an eye specialist. Parents can help by keeping a watchful eye on their children’s vision patterns. In addition, children having difficulty in school or suffering from headaches, focusing problems, visual strain or squinting should have their eyes evaluated.

The doctors at Envision Eyecare advise eye exams for children starting at pre-school and continuing annually after the age of six. Ensuring your child’s eyes are healthy with good vision correction will give your child the opportunity to reach maximum potential.

At Envision Eyecare, we test for color vision, depth perception, near and far focus, proper eye alignment and eye muscle function to ensure that vision and the eyes are fully functional and corrected appropriately.


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I’m definitely going back! “The most thorough eye exam I ever had was at Envision Eyecare. Plus they have a very helpful and professional staff, a beautiful office space, and an great eclectic selection of unique frames to choose from. I’m definitely going back!”"
    Nancy Hyton
  • "Best eye care in Asheville “If you truly want the best eye care in Asheville and it’s surrounding area you need to visit Envision Eye Care. This group of members makes you feel like your family. I had a full check-up and purchased a pair of sunglasses and the entire process was awesome. Just go visit and you will see what I’m talking about.”"
    Scott Finney
  • "When others had failed, Dr. Golson understood “When I first visited Envision, I was skeptical that Dr. Golson would be able to help with my special circumstances. When others had failed, Dr. Golson understood and was very patient working with me to get my prescriptions correct. The staff is exceptional and greets me by name each time I visit their office. I strongly recommend Envision to fill all your needs for eyecare. And they have awesome frames! Thanks guys and gals at Envision.”"
    Donna Koger
  • "Service and genuine concern for your best interests “I went to Dr. Golson and Envision Eye Care for an eye check recently. The office environment is very pleasant and the staff very helpful. Dr. Golson did a very thorough eye exam and was able to allay any fears I had about my visual health. In addition, I felt no pressure to purchase glasses at their facility. If service and genuine concern for your best interests are of value to you I recommend Dr. Golson and his staff at Envision Eye Care!”"
    Lawrence Hines
  • "Great Experience. “Had an eye emergency and they got me right in. Have since used them for my families eye care. Really good experience in every way.”"
    Katherine Dreyer
  • "Finally, an eye doctor who cares! “Great office with the nicest staff in Asheville. So impressed! I don’t have insurance so I wanted to be sure that my money went to a great local business, so glad my husband recommended them!”"
    Dani Magestro
  • "I trust my eyes to Envision Eye Care! “First, when you enter the office, you are greeted like you are the most important, special person in the world. Second, the staff is extremely professional and friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Larry is patient eye care is phenomenal! The most conscientious, thorough Dr. I have ever been to!”"
    Karen Paradis


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