Finding Your Perfect Frame

Summer has sprung! It’s time for cleaning, pulling out the warm weather clothes, and finding a fresh new pair of frames! Just like a great pair of shoes, a pair of glasses can be an accessory that is not only functional but also fashionable! You know that you can trust the Optical experts at Envision to create a pair of spectacle lenses that are going to help you see the world as crisp and clearly as possible, but did you know that they are also trained to help you pick a pair of frames that fit you well, are stylish and comfortable, and that work well with your prescription needs? What goes in to finding a frame that looks like it was made for you? Read on to find out why one frame can look great on one person but not so good on someone else, learn why your prescription can determine what frame will work best for you, and get an idea of what color frames work best for your skin tones!

Having the perfect frame (or frames!) can make your glasses wearing experience enjoyable and fun. Envision opticians take many different factors into consideration when picking out frames for you to try. These include: your face shape, your skin tone, your eye color, your prescription, and of course, your personal preferences. The knowledge that they have will guide their advice for you to find a frame that looks and works best.

Face Shape:

Have you ever really loved the way a frame looks on a display, but been disappointed when you try it on? You might have picked a frame shape that doesn’t work with your face shape. Is your face round? Square? Oblong? Heart-shaped? Is it wide? Narrow? Petite?

The shape of your frame should complement the shape of your face. Angular frame shapes work well on round faces, but the same frame on someone with a square shaped face might appear too harsh. And while round or oval frame shapes can make a round face seem even more round, they create a nice foil for a face that has a more square or rectangle shape. The width of your face plays an important part as well. Narrow faces need more narrow frames and wider faces need wider frames. The proper width is essential for making sure that the eyes are centered in the frame and lenses, and is also important for comfort! You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that were not wide enough for your feet, why would you choose a frame that was too narrow for your face? The thickness and perceived weight of a style are also important in choosing a frame that fits your face.

We can help you find a frame style that makes the statement you want to make! We’ll always take your unique face shape into consideration when assisting you in finding your perfect frames!

Skin Tone and Eye Color:

Stylish frames can be found in colors from Aubergine to Zebra striped. What color works best for you? If you have cooler skin tones (pink or blue undertones), you may find yourself drifting more towards black, blue, pink, and green frames. If your skin is on the warmer side (yellow, golden undertones) you might find that you prefer brown, khaki, coral, or copper colored frames. The color of your frame can also enhance your eye color and make your baby blues (or greens, or browns) sparkle! If you’re looking to make a statement with your frame, you might pick something brighter or with a pattern. If understated is more your style, you might choose a half-rimless frame with only a hint of color along the top of the frame. There are more choices out there than you might realize! Your Envision Optician can choose frames that have as much or as little color as you’d like in shades that work best with your skin tones and eye color.

Your Prescription:

Why does your prescription matter when choosing a frame? Many reasons, actually! If the prescription for your best sight as determined by your Dr. Golson calls for bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses, you will want to find a frame that offers sufficient depth to accommodate all the prescriptions that that type of lens offers. This will make your glasses wearing experience not only stylish but comfortable and convenient. If you have a stronger prescription, your optician will help you choose a lightweight lens, but will also help you find a frame with a smaller lens to minimize edge thickness.

We hope that this blog post has related the complexities involved with frame selection and why we are so proud of our Optical experts. Their skills to pick a fantastic frame for you come from years of training and experience. So rest assured knowing your eyes are in talented hands 😉

Thanks for reading!

Your Envision Eyecare Team