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Envision Eyecare Receives Outstanding Dry Eye Practice Award

At Eye Eco we are dedicated to finding solutions that provide relief from dry eyes, and we’re not the only ones. Dry eyes affect more than 40 million Americans, but less than 5% of people have been properly diagnosed with Dry Eye Disease. Dry Eye Disorder can cause many health issues including obscured vision, dry […]

Headed Back to School

Four Reasons Why Your Child Should Have an Eye Exam A vision screening at school, church or even a pediatrician is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Serious eye health and vision concerns can be missed at a screening, certain states are mandating children have a comprehensive exam before entering school. The doctors […]

!URGENT! Recall on solar eclipse glasses!

URGENT RECALL OF SOLAR GLASSES! We are sorry to inform you that due to new information provided by Amazon the eclipse viewing glasses we purchased may not be certified for viewing the eclipse. We were told these glasses were certified but over the weekend we were informed the certification may not be legitimate. We ask that […]

Why Do My Eyes Need to be Dilated?

Why Do My Eyes Need to be Dilated?   This is a common question that we hear from patients.  A simple explanation will explain the importance and reason this process is performed as part of a comprehensive eye health exam.  The inside of eye is lined with a delicate tissue called the retina.  The retina […]

Innovations in Contact Lens Technology

Innovations in Contact Lens Technology   Contact lenses are medical devices that can improve vision, add convenience to activities, and bandage an injury to improve comfort and aid healing.  It is very important to have a contact lens evaluation to make sure your eyes are healthy enough to wear them comfortably without damaging the ocular […]

“Why are my glasses so expensive?!”

You may be asking yourself this question after seeing online and commercial advertising. Our objective at Envision Eyecare is to educate our patients on the difference in quality and craftsmanship between our glasses and those purchased online or through a commercial vendor.  It is through education that we can convey why all glasses are not […]