Fall Eye Allergies

We probably don’t have to tell you that if you have red, itchy, burning eyes and possible discharge, along with other symptoms that you may have allergies. It’s a very common eye issue. With the arrival of fall, it’s the time of year that certain allergies kick in. You may not think about seeing Envison Eyecare for your allergies, but we can help you find relief from eye allergies!

Ragweed is a big culprit for the fall allergy sufferers. One of the ways to help reduce your allergies is avoiding the allergens. You may wonder how can you avoid pollen. Well, you can wear glasses or sunglasses to help cut down on the allergens entering your eyes, especially larger or wraparound style that protect your eyes better. You can switch to daily contacts. The daily contacts allow you to start with a fresh pair each day, not a pair that’s previously collected allergens. Envision Eyecare can supply you with holistic, online julietta casino preservative-free eye drops to help keep your eyes free and clear from allergens and cut down on irritation.

A few other tips for allergy sufferers are avoiding going outdoors when the pollen count is the highest, typically around mid-morning and early evening. You can check weather alerts for this. Keep your windows closed in your home and vehicle to avoid allergens entering inside. Use a clean air conditioning system and definitely avoid window fans. You can even purchase an air purifier to help cut down on allergens.

We know it’s hard, but absolutely do not rub your eyes when they itch! It will just make things worse! Rubbing releases more histamine from your cells while your body is already working to remove the foreign matter from your eyes, which results in even more irritation.

If you’re suffering from irritated eyes due to allergies, don’t delay! Schedule an appointment with us to find relief!