Transition Into Summer!

Summer has arrived like a kid on the morning of a beach trip, eager for mom and dad to get out of bed. The water is calling to us, and we hope everyone gets out to swim, boat or float. We know we’re planning on it!

As much as the sun feels amazing on your skin, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. We all know the sun can be dangerous for your skin, but it’s just as harmful to your eyes. Up to 10% of all skin cancer occurs around your eyelids. This delicate skin needs protection too, though not of the sunscreen kind. No, no, no sunscreen in or around your eyes! Protecting the areas around the eyes is just as important as protecting the inner eye. Along with this, the majority of us will develop cataracts at some point in our life, and UV rays are one of the main causes. Just as important is HEV (or Blue Light) protection, specifically from the sun, to make sure we’re protecting your retinas and maculas. You know, all those parts of the eye that you see with!

There’s a great way to make sure your eyes are protected no matter what the situation! All you need are Transition™ auto-darkening lenses!

Did you recoil at the thought of a darkening lens? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we definitely understand why you might feel that way. This technology has come a long way! Where they may have taken waaaay too long to go back to clear in the past, they now do so in 60 to 90 seconds flat on average! Speaking of clear, you don’t have to worry about any kind of tinting on the lenses when indoors, in fact you wouldn’t know a Transition™ lens darkens unless you walked outside.

Transitions™ provide much more protection than the sunglasses you get from Target or any drugstore . They protect from  UVA and UVB , as well as up to 85% blue light protection. When they’re clear, they give you the best protection against the blue light from your phone and computer screen that you can get.

Did we mention that they look amazing too? Because they absolutely do! Gone are the days where the tint had to be either gray or brown. Now you can choose from sapphire, amethyst, emerald, and amber! There’s a color for every amazing frame you choose!!

So this summer, when you’re rubbing in your sunscreen, make sure you remember to protect your eyes with Transition™ auto-darkening lenses!