What You Need To Know Before You Purchase Your Next Pair Of Frames…


As an expert optician for Envision Eyecare it’s really important to me that you leave with glasses that are perfect for you! There are a lot of different factors that go into this. It starts with the shape of your face, your skin tones, how you use your glasses, your personality and some other factors. From what I’ve seen being in this industry, when new patients come to us, their frames are just not right for their face shape.  Let’s explore the different shapes!

There are four main face shapes; oval, round, heart and square. When your face is oval your chin is slightly slimmer than your forehead and your features are well balanced. The shapes that would work best for this shape would be a rectangle or butterfly frame. The rectangle frame will help the narrower chin appear to be as wide as the forehead. Don’t forget also that a “cat eye” frame will accentuate your high cheek bones and you will find the “cat eye” looks great on every face shape!

Round faces are the same width and length with round contours resulting in soft features. Some of the best frames for this shape would be frames with straight lines. Rectangle frames look great and will help all of your features appear a little stronger. The “cat eye” frame will give a lift to the round face shape and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want that extra lift without having to have surgery!

Heart shaped faces have a narrow chin and jaw line. With a broad forehead this appears to be a heart. Round frames will take away from the broader forehead. Frames with a wider bottom will also make the narrower chin appear wider. Butterfly frames for women and those “cat eye” frames are going to accentuate your strongest features.

Faces that have the shape of a square have very well defined angles. They will have strong jawlines, foreheads and cheeks. An oval frame will help lengthen your face. While a round frame will help bring softness to your strongest features.  Again, that “cat eye” frame is going to lift all of your strongest features and help tone down the strong angles.images

As you can see it’s is really important that a frame match your face shape! As an optician we strive hard to help educate you on the frames that will work best for you! Come get to know one of our opticians and let us help guide you to the frame choice that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

 by Ashley Glass