Taking Care of Your Glasses 101

Your Envision Eyecare Team cares about your best sight correction. Because your sharpest vision might often be obtained through the use of glasses, we also care very much about the quality and functionality of your eyewear. Like many things, for your eyewear to work well, they have to be well cared for. When we dispense new eyewear in our Optical area, it is common for patients to be surprised at our advice on this subject. Hence, the impetus for this blog post! This post is important info for all you folks out there that clean your glasses on the shirt you’ve been wearing all day, clean your glasses with a kleenex or paper towel, place your eyewear lens side down on the table…you know who you are, we’re not naming names ;)Truth be told, we’re all guilty at some level of not taking the best care of our glasses. They are small, easy to misplace, and cleaning them correctly is not always the most convenient thing to do; however, the only choice that you have when your lenses have become scratched is to deal with the scratches or to replace the lenses. This means that the very best thing you can do for your glasses (and therefore, your eyesight) is to take the best care possible of them. Not sure how? Fret no more! The Envision Team is here with fantastic tips and instructions for keeping your glasses looking and functioning like they did the day you picked them up!The first things to remember:Your glasses are NOT:Indestructible. They may be scratch resistant, but they are not scratch proof.Self Cleaning. They will get smudgy and dirty as you go through your day.A chew toy for your pet… 🙂Your glasses ARE:One of your best tools for excellent sight correction. Wear them and you can see! Don’t and…well….you can’t!High quality, scientifically tested pieces of equipment. Our lens manufacturer of choice, Hoya, make lenses for companies like NASA.A stylish accessory to show off your peepers. When they are clear and clean, your eyes shine even brighter! What’s the first thing you look at when interacting with a person?Because we will always give you our best advice in eye care, when you purchase new eyewear at Envision, you’ll be given a sheet of instructions. The following is similar to what that looks like:To clean your eyewear:

  • Using warm water, rinse both sides of your lenses, holding frame by the bridge of nose
  • Use a small drop of dish soap (free of lotions) to clean the lenses, then rinse well.
  • Use a clean cotton cloth to dry lenses.
  • If you can't do above, use eyeglass cleaning spray & micro fiber cloth.

Always always clean your lenses wet. Cleaning them while dry will rub the microscopic dust and dirt on them right into the lenses causing tiny abrasions that you will eventually see.Always store your eyewear in the case when not wearing.*This is important for keeping them from small children, dogs, and sleepwalkers…Never leave your glasses in the car, they can be damaged by temperature.*Even inside your case, the temperature of a hot car can ruin lenses.Never use any paper products (tissues, paper towels) to clean your lenses.*Paper is made from wood. Wood will scratch your lenses. Get it? A clean, soft, cotton cloth is the way to go!Come back to Envision every 3-4 months, or as needed, for re-alignment of your eyewear and to ensure all screws remain tight.* Never ever try to adjust your glasses on your own. Besides the fact that adjusting can be quite hard to do, you can actually end up doing more damage than good. Frames can be stressed and break, lenses can pop out and become scratched, screws can be lost…Stop by Envision anytime and relax while we adjust your glasses for a custom fit. We have special tools and skills to make needed adjustments without harming your glasses.Enjoy your new glasses!As always, please call us if you have any questions about caring for your glasses or about anything else!!!