Thank You to Our Community of Patients!

Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets this far alone.” — Stephen King

A letter of thanks and remembering from our Office Manager.

Present Day.

As the Integrator for successful guidance, team collaboration and positive patient results over the last 6 years, I’ve had the opportunity to lead this organization and team through many changes, challenges, celebrations and creative advancement. Every aspect of how we engage with each other, our patients and our physical office space has adapted to life during a pandemic and it was A LOT to work through. It still is!

As we persevere we are feeling refreshed that spring is upon us again and that we are one year away from that traumatic time of closing our doors with uncertainty of what was to come. With all the changes from 2020, one thing holds true: this team desires to continue enhancing the eyecare and eyewear experience, for you. To support you to see and perform your best in this age of digital connection, helping to build comfort and ease in your world. As a local business, your support, referrals and return to us for your eyecare means the world to us.

Without YOU, we wouldn’t have survived the last year.

Seven weeks.

That was the duration of time we closed our doors to our patients and community when the pandemic hit last March. It changed our way of practicing eye care indefinitely, our systems shifted drastically as the shut-downs impacted every one of us. It was unknown and straight-up scary.

We asked ourselves ad nauseam, “How do we do this? Who do we call for more information? What happens if…? What does that symptom mean? Is it COVID? What processes are in place to ensure our team and patients stay healthy and safe?” Every day was an adventure as we remained steadfast and loyal to “get it right” as best we could.

Thank you.

I wanted to share this perspective with you to tell you that we are proud and honored to be here. We are inspired by other local businesses that survived the last year. We may be small, but we are Asheville! Strong and mighty!

We stay encouraged to continue to grow and develop this team, this practice and our care for our community. For you.

Thank you sincerely and endlessly for supporting Envision Eyecare, for trusting us in our care and for understanding that we want to get it right, even through all the changes and challenges of years past. Your patience is paramount as we carry on!

Together, we do.

Stay strong and well!

In deep gratitude,

Christine Maiello

Office Manager