The Top 10 Procedures We Are Doing To Keep YOU Safe!

Can you believe it has almost been 7 weeks since we closed our doors for routine comprehensive eye health exams? We miss our patients! During this time of quarantine, your Envision Eyecare team has remained agile in reforming how to take care of our patients safely during this pandemic. Here are the top 10 procedures we are taking when we reopen for routine care to keep you safe!

1. Masks, of course! We’re all wearing masks, and you are too!

2. Gloved up: All team members are gloved during patient care.

3. Timed hand-washing: Every 30 minutes for 20 seconds or more.

4. We’re crazy about sanitizing! All testing instruments, exam chairs, surfaces, spectacles, optical desks, door handles, phones, etc. are sanitized after each patient and throughout the day.

5. Social distance please: We ask all patients to respect a 6ft social distance with other patients, at all times in the office. Orange markers are placed around the office to indicate 6ft between each person.

6. COVID-10 Health Screening Questions: Before a patient enters the office, the medical assistants are conducting COVID-19 health screening questions interviews. Depending on a patient’s answer to each question, a patient may be rescheduled according to their answer if they are at risk.

7. Only patients with appointments, at this time: Only patients with appointments are allowed in the building to help maintain our safety measures.

8. Color-coordinated sanitizing flag system: A color coordinated flagging system has been created to communicate when an exam room needs to be sanitized. A green flag indicates “This room has been thoroughly sanitized” and red indicates “This room needs to be sanitized”.

9. Minimal points of contact: All dry eye products, therapeutic supplements, and glasses frames are handled by our team only. We are happy to assist patients with all of these items!

10. Daily Safety Recaps: At the end of each patient care day, we recap as a team.


We want to ensure that your safety and wellness is our top priority. We hope all of our patients are staying safe, happy, and healthy! Thank you for all the support throughout the weeks. Supporting a small, locally owned and operated business in Asheville means that any service or purchase makes a difference in our community! 

Every member of our team misses you, our patients! We are excited to SEE and take care of you again soon!

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 Sending love & care, virtually (for now)!

Dr. Larry Golson, OD and Dr. Eric Bryant, OD


The Envision Eyecare Team