Weekly Goal and Success

Each week, my optician starts an inter-office email thread in which each team member (including the doctors) is asked to weigh in on her professional “goal of the week”. In addition, she needs to check in and comment if she was able to complete her prior week’s goal. Lastly, she has to pick one success from last week to include in which they were able to help a teammate or patient solve an issue or accomplished something positive throughout the office.

This is a good idea because it creates camaraderie and focus. It requires forethought as to what is the priority for the current week. When a goal is in writing, it makes it concrete and more likely to be attained. In addition, it creates a marker for a team member’s ongoing performance for the team member and leadership. The success of the week is also beneficial because it allows the team member to take pride in her accomplishments and provides a feeling of empowerment to create future successes. Successes spread positive thoughts throughout the office within the team as well.

The goal benefits the practice by allowing for greater efficiency and incentive to accomplish what’s important at any given week. A boat without a destination is destined to float aimlessly across the sea of practice operations. A boat with a destination almost always reaches its port.

Send an email or cover the new directive at a weekly team meeting. It’s important to describe why you are asking the team to perform this activity to gain acceptance and willingness to take it seriously.

Written by Dr. Larry Golson, OD.