eye exam using insurance benefits

Insurance Benefits for Eye Health Exam

DON’T WAIT! Be sure to schedule your eye health exam before the end of the year to maximize on your Vision Insurance Plan savings! Most vision plans offer one comprehensive eye health exam per year along with any benefits for frames, lenses or contact lenses. Don’t miss this money-saving opportunity for you and your family members! Please note that Envision Eyecare gets extremely busy the last few weeks in the year for this reason. The earlier you can book your appointment with us the better in order to make sure we can see you in a timely manner before the year’s end.

Also, FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) funds may not roll over for use year-to-year. If you have funds available then now is the time to use them. Contact your insurance provider if you have questions about your vision insurance plan.

Call Envision Eyecare at 828-254-6757 to schedule your eye health exam and take advantage of your insurance benefits this year.