POWER: Such a simple word and yet a word that many of us struggle with constantly. Heaven forbid or help the person who attempts to render us powerless.  And let’s not begin the debate of when family, friends and colleagues deem us far too powerful leading to conflict, competition and just a whole lot of crazy.  We live in a world of inner turmoil always wondering if we’re coming across too strong (powerful) or not strong enough?

Real power comes from a strong inner strength, an indomitable spirit and unshakeable awareness of one’s own truth and the truth of the rest of the world devoid of judgment or discrimination.  For many of us our first impression, experience or example of any kind of power was abusive, destructive or controlling.  For you to really take grasp of your own personal power you will need to redefine it what this means to you first and foremost.

You’ll want to ask yourself what it means to have power, to be powerful and to show up powerfully for myself in my life.

Remember, the most powerful thing anyone could accomplish is to convince you you have no power over your life or circumstance.  In this manner and many others, we are constantly giving our power away in big and small ways.  We give our power away in our decision to remain quite, in our thinking to defer to others for the answers believing ourselves lacking and in expecting very little of our very self.

Your awareness of the fact that only you have the power to decide who you will be is a powerful truth that is waiting your embrace.  So the next time you have a minute, ask yourself this question and be honest: Why are YOU afraid to accept you are much more powerful than you are willing to believe? What is it that you are afraid of?  And, why are you afraid of it?

It is often said when you know the questions to ask, you will be led to the right answers: your truth.