The Next Best Thing To X-Ray Vision!

Superman had X-ray vision. You can have blue-ray vision. You blutechmight not be able to see through walls, but you’ll be able to see in the next few decades to come.

It’s been dubbed the “lens of tomorrow” by many and no wonder given the advancement in technology and the powerful protection it provides. For starters, you’ve most likely not heard of BluTech before and if you did then you’re definitely one of the few. With summer in full speed mode, this is something you’ll want to have in your “arsenal” to navigate your way through hot, humid, and bright adventures that still have your name written on them.

What is BluTech and what’s the big deal?

BluTech lens technology fits high-energy blue and ultra-violet light using ocular lens pigment derived from auto-oxidation of 3-hydroxykynureine (scientifically known as 3-OHKyn).  It is then combined with melanin and isolated in a durable material that is then used in an optical lens. This partnership allows the same protection for your eyes, contrast enhancement, and color perception to the eye as the natural coloration of the human crystalline lens.

So, what does that mean in laymen terms? We’re glad you asked. To keep it simple, these lenses not only help protect your eyes from the UV-rays but it also protects your vision from the electronic rays emitted from all the gadgets you carry around with you tethered on an invisible leash; think iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop to label a few.

Why is it a good idea to consider getting BluTech lenses?

Given the fact you are exposed to “blue light” every day [think fluorescent lighting, electronic screens, [phones, tablets, computers, TV’s, etc], and the sum of them all emit damaging high energy blue light. With BluTech lenses, you are given an added extra layer of protection that goes a long way. Blue Lenses are barely noticeable with just a hint of tint to the lens.

*Note:  Those who are light-colored hair, eyes, and skin and those over the age of fifty are at high risk due to the insufficient amounts of protective pigments in the eye. Also, if you’ve had cataract removal surgery you are also at high risk.*

Contact Envision Eyecare to ask about BluTech Lenses. It will make a difference in protecting your precious sense of sight today and for all your tomorrows.