Importance of Back to School Eye Exams


Although it’s common to think of your GP when you think of back-to-school exams, making certain your child is scheduled for their annual eye exam is now right there at the top of the list.  According to reports, more than half the children who get labeled “problem learners” are actually not. These children genuinely are misdiagnosed, something a routine exam could fix.


Often times a child’s lack of participation or initiation in the classroom can be the result of poor vision.  Children have a tendency to hold objects extremely close to their eyes or experience squinting to see the blackboard or prime candidates for an eye exam. Reports have already indicated one in every five children entering kindergarten walk into school with undetected vision problems.

With the challenges the children of today face, learn is already hard work, this is one area all parents can help that learning curve shorten just a little.

Some signs parents can watch for are:

  • In ability to read a few sentences at a time without tearing
  • Squinting constantly
  • Holding objects extremely close to the face
  • Reading letters and numbers backwards or out of place
  • Physical complaints of headaches or eye aches
  • Losing their place when reading lines in a book
  • Constantly having to sit up close to the TV at home or in the first row in school
  • Covering one eye to read the board or watch TV
  • Difficulty with sports


These are just a few of the common signs your child most likely is experiencing some vision issues. A quick call to your eye doctor, schedule an appointment and you are well on your way to empowering your child’s learning experience.  With children being misdiagnosed with ADD, due to undetected vision challenges, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Have you scheduled your child’s eye exam for the upcoming year?